Buying a carpet can prove to be an overwhelming task because of the various types of carpets available on the market today. It is advisable to consider the performance characteristics before making your selection to ensure that the carpet you are laying eyes on will match up to your expectations. So if you make a mistake, you will be very disappointed in the end.

The following are some tips to follow to ensure you make the right choice for a carpet:


  • The Twist of the Carpet

Inspect the twist on the individual yarn pieces. A good carpet performance is determined by the number of twists; the more the twists, the higher the performance and density of the pile. Twists actually increase the spring in the carpet thus hiding the footprints.


  • Stain Protection

Most people clean their carpets only once a year. Normal carpets need cleaning at least twice a year while those placed in busy areas may need cleaning of up to four times a year. However, you can avoid this strenuous exercise by opting for carpets with stain protection. Who would not want a carpet that can withstand stains and has soil protection and static guard?


  • Check the Padding

As you check out the different types of carpets, make sure to check the underpads as well. Do not settle for the cheap and thin underpads because by so doing, you will be doing a lot of injustice to your carpet. A thin underpad will wear out fast and damage the carpet, thus shortening its lifespan. Find the best quality carpet pad to save your floor as well as carpet.


  • Consider the Target Room Specifications

The lighting of the room will determine how the carpet will look, however, the texture and color also affect the room appearance. An even-surfaced or smooth carpet is perfect for the dining room. If you want to give your room a formal look, use a tapestry or an oriental weave style carpet. A lustrous carpet fiber brightens the room.

It is also essential that you consider the traffic of a room before buying the carpet. Use carpets that hide footprints and are easier to clean in busy rooms. The perfect carpet for such areas is the basic pile or low loop.


  • Carpet Installation

Ensure that you hire a professional to install the carpet for you. Remember that you will have spent quite an amount buying the carpet, thus, you will need proper installation for it to look good. The floor has to be cleaned properly and use a good underpad to protect the carpet.

Finally, remember that you will only get what you pay for. Choose wisely. A good carpet might seem expensive to you at the time but it is worth the while instead of buying some cheap low-quality stuff that you will change every two or three years. A quality carpet will last 10-20 years. Also, buy from a reputable dealer that will give you good customer service, a good warranty, and assurance of original products.


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