In the past few years, open floors have been used in the construction of many homes. These floors may have applied either modern or traditional form of design. However, they have not really produced appealing floor spaces.

Today, Area Rugs are the best alternative for bringing about unique combinations. In spaces that lack walls, area rugs have been used to generate the image of containment.

Below are the several ways of combining area rugs.

Combining solids

You may want to explore when it comes to mismatched rugs but with nothing bold. The solid colors are good to start with. Always remember that these colors have to complement each other.The simplest way of combining solids is by the use of neutral tone and a single bold colored rug. The main aim of using mismatched rugs is to show differences between the existing settings of furniture.

The texture of your floor rug will dictate the type of rug you purchase. For instance, most kitchens and dining halls are usually fitted with either tile or laminate floors. For such floors, you will be required to purchase a rug pad. The rug pad will prevent your rug from frequent slides and bunching.

Similar Color Palette

You ought to use same color palettes to combine patterned rugs. It will ensure there is a harmonious relationship in between the spaces and at the same time maintaining their exceptional character.

A patterned rug will easily fit into an open space when paired with a solid rug of the same color. This arrangement will show the spaces as distinct from each other and without any signs of them being disjointed.

Combining Texture

If you find combining patterns a bit messy, then consider going for combining textured rugs. Textured rugs are easy to pair with other rugs since they arrive in neutral tones. A shag rug is one of the best rugs to use during the combination of rugs because of its neutral tone. Hide rugs are unique rugs. They add texture to the rugs and they can be paired with several other toned rugs.




Matching rugs work best for open floors. This technique is important for spaces where your furniture serves the same purpose. On the other hand, identical rugs tie spaces together. It is also the safest and most predictable options. To avoid being boring while using matching rugs, consider the patterned rug.

Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are best suited for combinations. Although they have bright patterns and colors that appear to be risky for open floor plans. Almost all oriental rugs have the same colors and patterns. This feature has made them be easier to pair in comparison to any other patterned rug.



For your rugs to last longer and your floor to stay safe, use rug pads under your rugs. Choose a dominant color if you are to pair two oriental rugs. The matching of these dominant colors will produce exclusive work even though there will be small differences in the pattern.

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